About Us

Athena diagnostics is an organization of experienced doctors and trained practitioners committed to providing exceptional patient care by combining excellence in clinical imaging with outstanding customer service and state-of-the-art technology.

Powered by a team of four experienced women radiologists, we provide a complete range specialized diagnostic imaging services including ultrasound (and its specialities), interventions, x-ray mammography and the like.

As a passionate team, we seek to look beyond the obvious and pure insight to all that we do. We offer the best care to patients by walking them through the entire process and seek to answer their every question. This offers us a chance to completely understand the needs and anxieties of the patients (and their families), formulate a precise strategy and execute the same, to deliver accurate results. Welcome to a world of unmatched expertise, rigorous excellence and holistic care...welcome to Athena


  • To be compassionate and patient-centric in approach, whilst offering the best services using state of the art equipment and rigorous expertise.


  • To contribute to the well-being of society and women in particular by offering second to none imaging and diagnostic services that are the hallmark for precision and accuracy at all times.


  • Quality diagnosis is a promise we make.
  • Patient care is our first priority.
  • Accomplished team of women Radiology.
  • Precise imaging and accurate diagnosis.
  • Absolute professionalism with holistic care at every step.